Mermaid Tail Review – Finfolk Productions Golden Giza

Hi guys, guess what, I got my first mermaid tail ever. 💖 I have been wanting to get one for over year, so it’s about time. The tail is called Golden Giza and it’s one of Finfolk Productions’ fabric tails. 🧜🏻‍♀️

Mermaid Tail Review

It is gorgeous and incredibly photo-realistic. 📷 🌈 The colors are very pretty and the image quality is great. Overall I absolutely love this mermaid tail and my favorite part about it is the fluke. 💗 It is huge. Much bigger than any of the other mermaid tails that I’ve seen and it’s the most realistic looking part of the entire tail. ✨

It is also the heaviest part of the tail because inside of it is a monofin casing. The casing is made of two sheets of clear vinyl cut in the shape of the fluke and held together by the pins. This is a really cool idea. The vinyl is what makes the fluke look so natural while it’s moving underwater. 🌊


The only thing that was confusing to me was the sizing. 🤷‍♀️ I thought medium was the correct size for me, so that’s the one I got. Also I don’t think they had any small available in this design at the time. Anyways it ended up being too big.

Ideally you want the tail to fit you just right without any extra bulk. If it’s too loose it will collect water while you’re swimming. So the good news is I’m still able to swim in it but it does collect a bit of extra water because it’s the wrong size. I think if i got the correct size it wouldn’t be an issue.

It does have drain holes at the bottom of the fluke and they are very useful. They help the water drain from the tail as you’re swimming. 💧

Swimming in a Mermaid Tail

In order to swim in a mermaid tail it’s important to have a monofin, so I got the finis foil. It’s one of the smaller monofins and fits inside the tail without a problem. There’s a zipper on the side of the tail that you can unzip and put the monofin in between the two sheets of vinyl within the fluke.😊

So I took the tail for a swim in the pool and that was my first time swimming in a mermaid tail. 😍 I put it on by the pool. 🧜🏻‍♀️ What’s interesting is even though it’s a size too big it still felt a bit tight while I was putting it on. That’s because the fabric that it’s made of doesn’t stretch that much. If you keep the zipper open it will make it much easier. 🐚

Swimming in it is super fun. It takes you back to childhood and I absolutely love it. 🦄✨

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