Valentines Day Lip Art

My first time…

Valentine’s Day lip art. Kisses and hearts everywhere 💋 💓 and the scent of rose petals in the air. 🌹 I guess that means that Vday is right around the corner. Or well.. It will be in few months. I’m actually posting this a bit early. 🙃 But anyways here goes my first attempt ever at doing lip art. And guess what? It is Valentines day inspired. So exciting. I love this holiday for two main reasons: 💗 💞

  1. all the stores and restaurants turn to a pink and red color scheme ❤️
  2. all the heart shaped chocolates. 😍 🍫  YUMMM! 😋

Anyways, back to the lip art. I used a red matte liquid lipstick all over the lips. 💄 Then I used a heart shaped nail stencil from What’s up Nails. 💓💅 Yep, I actually used a nail stencil on my lips. 👄 Turns out it works fine. Then I used a roll on shimmer from NYX to fill in the heart shape and to outline the lips. ✨ This is what it turned into.

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