Valentine’s Day Nails

I did the lip art 👄 so how could I not do the nail art. 💅🎨 So here it is. A very Valentine’s day nails design. Not sure if that last sentence made any sense at all. 😂 Lol.  In any case here is how I did it.

I used a pearly white nail polish from Finger Paints as the base color. 💅The actual designs on the nails are red. I thought it would be fun to have that contrast, especially since all those hearts, lips and letters are really small. 💞 💋 The contrast makes it easier to see them.

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So how did a get those designs onto the nail. 🤷‍♀️💅 Well, I can assure you I did not draw them by hand. ✏️ They’re not stickers either. Actually I

used a combination of nail stencils and nail stamping. That’s all there was to it. Turned out pretty cute. 😃 The nail stencils are from What’s up Nails and I got those from their website.  The two nail stamping plates that I used are from Born Pretty. Those I got from Amazon. 🛍 Anyways, the nail stencils were pretty easy. Just stick them on your nail and apply the nail polish on top. 🎨 Then remove the nail stencil and it’s all done. 🎉 Yay! 🎉

Nail stamping on the other hand can be a bit messy. Or very messy if

you’ve never done it before. 😳 But no worries. 😉 I have a little trick that lets me mess up as many times as I want and I still won’t have to start from scratch. It will do the same for you. So here it is: After you apply your base nail polish color on let it dry, then apply gel top coat over it and cure it for 60 seconds. This way if the design gets smudged on the nail you can use a nail polish remover and it won’t affect the nail color underneath. 🎨

Oh and another useful product to have for this is a liquid latex. 💦 I apply this on the skin around each nail. 💅 This way if any nail polish gets onto the skin it can just be peeled off with the latex. Super easy. 💫

Valentine’s Day Nails video

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